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The Jumping Guy

Have you heard why old people restrict us from walking near the wake of any death? Maybe to you it is some fairy tale or legend, but what you are going to read may explain to you why they do that. This may not be my experience but it really sents the shivers to my spine when I heard about this particular incident. It is a third hand story though.

My mom’s friend, a typical arabian mix malay lady; let’s call her Zee. She is a full-time housewife with 4 kids. She used to work night shift in a factory around Woodlands area. Usually when she’s back at night, she never experienced any weird phenomenon but there was one night that she came back quite late due to her, being held back by overtime. That time without she much caring what had happened around her, there was a wake for an old Chinese man who had died of an unknown reason to her, at her void deck. She just walked the normal route like as if nothing had happened and was going to happen. I mean who would care that much, late at night especially when you are very tired.

When she was about to reach the lift, to her horror,she saw this man in very ancient costume worn by dead person.(They had a cap with a feather sticking on top of the cap and their costume is like those of ancient Chinese majesty and dark blue in colour) She was scared of course but kept her courage strong and go on walking to a different direction instead of taking the lift. But guess what? The ‘man’ kept on chasing her but he wasn’t walking but jumping instead. She actually was curious too how come the ‘man’ was so fast in catching her and she also didn’t realise it was jumping. She only realised it later after quite some time. When she saw that he was jumping and his face was very pale looking and his fingernails were long. She couldn’t take it any longer and decided to climb up the stairs to reach her home before anything happen and before the ‘man’ get hold of her.

Mind you she actually read some Quranic verses while she was trying to distract the ‘man’ by walking different direction and trying to run away from him. She reached home panting and panicking like hell. She actually locked the door of her house right after she entered the house. Tell you, it really scared her to hell. The day after that she had a fever. She never dared to work night shift or even walk near a wake at night.

Hopefully this experience would explain why the old folks do so. If you are really those adventurous type of person, you may like to exrience and try it yourself…..

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