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I have always remembered the article on Punggol World War 2 hauntings, so when my boyfriend asked me to come along on a fishing trip at a part of Punggol’s reclaimed land, I got excited.

There were 6 of us. Me, my boyfriend and four of his other friends. As my boyfriend was travelling on his 400cc motorbike while the rest on 125cc bikes, we reached the end of the dark and eerie Old Punggol Road first. We already passed the progressing construction sites and abandoned buildings on our way. I noticed that the road looked very familiar and realized that they were the haunted road mentioned. I could feel the hairs on my back raise. Those 15 to 20 minutes of waiting for the others seemed to drag. The surrounding was creepy with overgrown shrubs and the sound of the crickets didn’t help either.

As soon as they got there, we made our way to the end of the reclaimed land. Opposite us is Coney Island but after the reclaimation, we seemed so much closer. The guys fixed their fishing rod and started casting. Within seconds, one of them got a fish. Everyone was surprised but excited. They carried on fishing & one by one of them got the fishes hooked. I felt a little strange. They got lots of fishes and the funny thing was that they got not one but two or three medium sized fishes at the same time. Weird. Even the whole place itself is weird. Even in the dark, I kept seeing moving, dark shadows as if someone watching us from a far. I maintained my calm by telling myself that I’m actually seeing things.

As time passed 3am, I began to tire out and felt sleepy. I lie down on the boulders and soon fell asleep. This is the scary part. While I was sleeping. I heard laughters, laughters of small boys & girls as if playing along with the cool breeze that’s blowing. Immediately, I got up but there were no children around except for the guys sitting around chatting and casting their rods. I told myself that I might be dreaming, so I went back to sleep. Not long after that, I heard laughters again but this time its the guys laughing & making merry. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, too tired to scare myself.

As the wind blows and dews came down, I suddenly felt chill all over. I crossed my arms hoping to keep myself warm. What I heard next, can never be erased from my mind. I heard footsteps at first coming closer to me. The footsteps suddenly stop right next to me. Then came voices, speaking in Japanese, from whispers, it turned to laughters followed by gunshots and screams. I shut my eyes tightly and prayed that it will stop. The screams of children, women and men, crying. I was really terrified and wanted to get up and run. I prayed and prayed. Suddenly the thought of the others fishing came to mind and I wonder if they too were in trouble. As soon as the thought came to mind, the screams stopped. Not wasting anymore time, I opened my eyes, quickly got up and I was about to run when I saw the rest of the guys staring at me. I looked around and realized that everything was still the same. One of them started to giggle and the rest laughed after.

Not feeling humoured, I sat back on the boulder and stared back at them. I felt so angry that I wanted to leave that place that very minute. I hope one of them will ‘kena’ then maybe then they will believe.

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