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Not Fated To Die

Some superstitious beliefs I heard when i was younger is that when a person is about to die, he will come to this river where once you cross it, you will be officially dead as a human. The river was a pathway to heaven. For those who commited suicide will not get to cross it, instead they will fall into the river and straight to hell.

I got to hear this story from a friend. This girl by the name of Jenny was involved in a car accident with her bf who died. She survived the crash and became depressed because of it. Friends and relatives were taking turns to take care of her as she was mentally unstable. One night she finally committed suicide by taking pills, though her friend came in time to get her to hospital, she was still unconscious and was put declared to be in critical position.

The doctor said if within the next 2 days she doesn’t woke up, then the chances of her waking up is very slim. Her friends and relatives naturally were very worried and made a lot of prayers for her and brought her favorite CDs to play on a Cd player all day long. After 2 days, she finally woke up. She later revealed to close friends that she dreamt that she came to a river and it the surrounding was extremely soothing. She said she met many people of different ages and across the river she saw her bf waving to her. Everyone on her side started to cross over the river and when she was about to cross to get to her bf, her bf was waving frantically for her to move down the other side back where she came from, and he was in tears. She then moved down that direction and suddenly she would hear people calling her name and she woke up to be surrounded by all relatives and friends.

As weird and strange as it can gets, i guess sometimes when we’re not meant to die yet, we won’t die.

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