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UFO In Singapore

Guess no one will believe if you said you have see an UFO in Singapore. Probably right.

I was like 10 years old and used to stay over the weekends at my grandmother kampong house in Lim Chu Kang.

Outside my grandma house there was this big open area where I used to played with my cousins and friends.

There was this particular hot afternoon, can’t recall what was the time than. While I was wondering alone on the open compound playing alone. I just so happened to look up onto the open sky on top of me.

There was this very bright oval in shape object on the sky. It was not moving it just stay up there for like 5 or 6 seconds. And also I can wonder what it was, in a split seconds that bright object just speed off and vanished across the sky.

The speed was so fast that I can’t believed it even till now at the age of 40+. I have told my parents and friends about the incident.

The reaction I got was, I must be lying and trying to be funny.

During my younger years, I never know what UFO is about, never read any things about UFO. But one thing I am very sure, I know how a aircraft and a fighter jets look like. I am very sure that day I witness was not any flying craft I have known.

I only get to read about UFO while in my years at upper level of schooling.

I am sure till now, when I share this information to people around me. They think I am just trying to come out with a special story to make people excited.

Believed me or not? But I am certain what I saw was an UFO.

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