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Someone Beside Me

I was a project manager working in a MNC. As there was a project that I’m closing off in KL, I stayed a big service apartment that the camp any had an agreement with. I was there for 2 weeks.

The apartment was a bit weird in design as the head of the bed was beside the toilet the headboard is those sliding one when open can see toilet.

As a guy, I feel nothing of it and being a guy, I mess the room throughout my stay.

Apart from toilet flushing in mid of night almost every night, I had peaceful sleep. I reckoned the flushing was due to lizard passing by. Two nights before I had to checkout due to project completion, I started packing my stuffs and the room was neat and tidy. I got to do it early as the last night will be a busy night due to celebration. The last night, after heavily intoxicated, I went back early due to early shutter next morning. As I sleep, I heard loud banging on the sliding door above the bed head. Thought I was drunk and start imaging things, I suddenly heard loud snoring beside my pillow!

Really freaked I started chanting but the sound was getting louder and it soon didn’t resembled any snoring sound but a man talking in an unknown language.

I gathered my courage and switched on the bed lights, and as soon as they were on, the sound disappeared. I had no guts then and turn the lights on till I check out in the morning.

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