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My Sensitivity

This incident was told to me from my mum. It happened many years ago, when I was either in P2 or P3 staying with my parents in a 3 room flat.

I was told, each night around 3am for almost close to a week, I will wake them up saying there are heavy knock on the door. The last few days I was crying while waking them up as the know became more violent.

Guess my parents felt something amiss, they decided to wake up around 3am, sitting at the living room anticipating what I told them.

They did do for two nights straight (me feel bad now) but nothing was heard and I did had peaceful sleep. Note: they stay awake without informing me. So they decided to called it off.

The following night after they give up due to lack of sleep, I was told that I woke them up in tears again with the knocking sound.

They did not hear anything and my dad was pissed and he stormed towards the door and shouted vulgarity…

Just then, the funny shape vase beside the monkey god statue got broken.

The next day, a priest was brought to the house and did something but mum did not want to disclose. The knocking was not heard anymore after that. Only after the incidents happened few nights ago, my mum told me this and said the priest mentioned to her that I’m sensitive to paranormal and nothing he could do to stop it.

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