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Spooky Encounter At Tekong

I was a platoon commander from 3SIR . This is my personal encounter when we were having an outfield training camp in Tekong . We were having our urban training at the urban training facility and had a night confidence test. During the test, we had to walk alone through the field and if we were walking in the right direction, we would reach at the ending point.) I was chatting with this fellow soldier while waiting for the others to reach the end point. By a certain time, all of the soldiers finished the test and all gathered at the ending point to board the 3 tonner to return to the Sai Yok camp.

After all the soldiers had loaded onto the tonner, we did a head count and the number is off by 1. We were missing one guy. We number off a few more times and we were sure then that one was missing. We did a check with identities and found out the soldier that is missing is the one I was chatting to just now at the end point. All of us got down from the tonner and performed a search and rescue along the trail of the test and actually found him at the urban facility sleeping. I screwed him big time and scolded him for going off without informing anyone when we were waiting for the 3 tonner. He apologized but said that he went to sleep right after the test, did not speak to anyone at all…but I was sure that I was talking to him the whole night….

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