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A Spooky Incident

Few years ago, on the cover page of New Paper (can’t remember but cannot be Straits Times, I remember it was an English newspaper) published a story of this man who visited his wife’s and baby’s graveyard every evening ever since they passed away more than a year ago.

He told the story of their death. He said his wife was a Malaysian and wanted to bring the baby back to Malaysia for her family to see, however a monk or Taoist priest (can’t remember) advised him not to because the family would meet a fatal accident. The monk/Taoist priest gave him 3 pendants/talismans (can’t remember) and told him that if he insisted in going, they must wore the pendants/talismans. They really met a fatal accident, his wife and months old baby died, he was the only survivor.

When he came back home, he saw his wife did not take along the pendants/talismans that the monk gave her and her baby. It was left on the dressing table in her room. He was the only one wearing the pendant/talisman.

So, it seems that it’s kind of predestined. If not, how the monk/priest able to predict the fatal accident?

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