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Ghostly Taxi Ride

This story was told to me when I was once in a taxi. You know most taxi drivers will have customers who make arrangements with them to pick them up at a fixed timing during the day.

The taxi driver, Guy A, used to pick up this lady to work every weekday morning. Everything was pretty normal until one faithful day. On that day, Guy A arrived punctually and picked up the lady as usual. After making some casual small chats, he realized the lady seems slightly depressed. Being concerned, he asked if she was facing any problems and needed advice or a listening ear. The lady told Guy A that this will be the last time she’ll be needing his services and was very apologetic about it. Guy A, being a veteran cabbie, took it on his stride and even offered the trip to the lady for free as a farewell gift.

Just then, Guy A heard a funeral band playing. When he focused on the picture of the deceased on the leading van, he realized it was the lady in his cab. Shocked, he turned around, only to find an empty backseat. He immediately drove to his temple and went to do some ritual for purification.

Things ended well for the Guy A. He told me that a few days after that incident, he won a minor windfall of $10k betting 4D and continues to drive a taxi for a living. I feel that this incident is just the lady’s way of thanking the driver for his dedication and service. Not all supernatural encounters end badly.

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