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A Voice In My home

There was this incident which I encountered in my old home in Telok Kurau. It was an old private apartment. My family was not at home on that Saturday, I was alone the whole time as they went to Penang.

That particular day year 1999, I was resting at the balcony while drinking tea and smoking around 2 pm relaxing…then I doze off. It was about 5 pm, i felt a chill when I hear a soft male voice repeatedly asking me to go to my room and sleep. I was in a daze state at that moment, you know the feeling of the moment you just woke up. The voice is so vivid. I can never forget it.

The voice: “It’s raining soon, go to your room”.

Thinking it could be my dad, so I did as told and went to my room. Few minutes after that it rains heavily. Only when I got inside my room, I just remembered that my whole family is not at home the whole time. I got freaked out n quickly close my eyes and continue my sleep again.

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