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Witness A Possession

One day I was with a friend to go to visit a taoist medium, as he said this medium is really very good. So i was there with him (at a HDB flat), and it was around late evening.

So everything seems to be fine where the noise and rustling atmosphere with people coming in non stop to offer prayers and incense to the altar of Taoist Gods, while the Medium starts to “See” people.

Me and my friend was sitting outside the apartment while waiting for his turn. Then a helper whispered something to the medium. The medium finished off the consultation and all the numbers behind that last guy is delayed. Then, came a guy from the lift. He walked slowly, with the help of 2 person holding on to him. As he was about to enter the premises, the medium shouted something. Then the helpers grabbed that guy, and stopped him from entering the premises. The helper then explained that the deity says he is unclean.

Then the medium did not say anything, but took some incense paper( i think) and start rubbing that person. Rub and rub, the person suddenly cry, then became angry, then a bit abusive. The medium didn’t cared, and continue to rub and rub until that guy vomited and fainted.

We were quite shocked as we were sitting outside the premises and these happened right in front of us. The medium instructed the helpers that he can now enter the premises and allow him to rest while the consultation continues.

We left before he was awake, but according to my friend, the helper told him that the guy was spiritually unclean aka possessed by another spirit. The medium has instructed the guy to wear a talisman that was given, but that guy did not cared. That is why he met with such troubles.

Quite amazing to see such things, as in not any day you can witness such stuff right before your eyes. It makes us think about how big the world can be, and anything can happen.

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