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My Grandma’s Funeral

This happened when my grandmother in KL passed away. On that day of the funeral, the coffin was placed in the middle of the hall in my relative’s 2 storey house. At one time, my mum wanted to go upstairs to get something, but suddenly she felt very ill and wanted to vomit. My relatives took her to the sofa and my mum told them she smelt rotten flesh on the staircase. But, there was nothing on/ under the stairs. The closest thing is the coffin, but there was no rotten flesh. So, my mum thought she was just imagining.

Then, in the evening, my youngest brother, then k2 only, wanted to sleep and my mother brought him upstairs. Feeling bored i also went up with them. In the room, the ceiling fan was on and the lights were on. Nothing wrong.

My mother and i chatted while my brother slept. Suddenly, the lights flickered. The table lights suddenly switched on on its own. My bro woke up, and asked my mum: Why is popo (grandmother) flying there? *points to the ceiling*

My mum freaked out and told him not to talk rubbish. But he insisted and pointed to the ceiling left and right. My mum told me to switch off the lights and fan, but they wont go off. My mum quickly carried my bro and screaming, dashed to the door and got out of the room.

It was freaky. Really. Any one wanna hear another story about my grandmother? or another story from me? Those that happened to me…

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