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Camping Incident

A couple decided to go night-hiking in the mountains with a group of people. They went to the mountain and set up their tents and camps. The girl suddenly decided not to follow them anymore because she was tired. “Okay then, u stay at the camp. We will be back in 2 hours.” The guy said and kissed her goodbye. After the group left, she sat alone in the tent and soon fell asleep. Night falls and there was dead silence.

She was awoken by some people from the group a few hours later. ”Your boyfriend, he got into some accident and died. We couldn’t save him.” The girl was devastated and broke into tears. The group members decided to “call” the spirit of the boyfriend back so the girl could talk to him for the last time. Spooky idea, but the girl agreed as she really missed her boyfriend. The group sat in a circle with the girl in the middle. They lit candles and placed them around. They began “calling” for the boyfriend, asking him to come back.

Not long after, her boyfriend came running back, all drenched in blood. The girl was shocked but ran to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend grabbed her arm and said, “Quick! We have to leave.” The girl was stunned. “What? I thought u are dead? What happened?” Her boyfriend replied, “The group met with a tragic accident and I was the only one to survive.” I couldn’t sleep for a week when my friend told me this story.

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