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Back For Some Flesh

What I’m about to share now, is a real incident that took place at NUH.

As a porter, we’re required to assist the nurse, transport the deceased to the mortuary and send ”Pathological” waste to the waste bin located at B1.

For that week, I was rostered to work at night. As usual, I was assigned to go the delivery ward, to collect the pathological wastes to the B1 Waste bin.

On my way to the delivery ward, there was a bad odour by the link way. I pinched my nose and walked as quickly as I could. What surprised me was that, the ” bad odour ” trailed all the way till I reach the delivery suite. As I entered the delivery suite, the smell went away.

As I didnt pay much attention to it, I collected the specimen and proceeded to the cargo lift. Again, the ”Bad odour” started. Thinking that it was coming from the specimen, I left it.

As I walking towards the Bin at B1. I sensed I was being followed. When I turned around i saw a black cat with green eyes, standing behind me. It felt odd, to see a cat in a hospital premise at that hour.

I threw away the specimen in the Bin and made my way back to ward. Just as the lift door was about to close, I saw the black cat going inside the Bin area.

The following day, my supervisor received a complaint from the house keeping department that the specimen was found mangled and the specimen was found to be ” All over the floor. ” There was no possibility that the cat would have done it as the disposal was done correctly.

I resigned the following week.

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