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Haunted House

I just had my bar-mitzvah when I was 13 – and I had stumbled on an old house situated near the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

It was really weird and eerie!

I was having my usual jog and physical training itinerary, to prepare myself for the future, and for our State of Israel, and for our entire West – in the service of G_D.

It was the 1980s!

Suddenly a cool breeze blew me silent, as the ‘iron gates of hell’ was slowly opened like ‘Open Sesame’ – and something tempted me to take a slow walk up the old littered road, and the old estate was never tendered, since the old days when the Singapore Colonials were massacred and murdered – before, during and even after the 2nd World War.

Then a small mouse-deer stood in my path, and squeaked and barked at me, as if to forewarn me of something that I could not comprehend then, as I was exhausted after a strenuous routine exercise.
Then I saw her, walking slowly, in a Colonial dress – upright and all classy, and the enchantress stopped for a moment to look at me, and smiled at me, and took my breath away!

I had never seen a woman more beautiful than her (since) – and I felt my heart empty with sorrow, as I knew she was a ghost – and as I longed for her, I have always felt more heartbroken.

I was in love!

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