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Haunted Carpark

I lived in a condo,cant mention the name. Everything went well as we moved in from a hdb but, there was once when my cousin came from malaysia to visit us, I was asked by my parents and siblings to go meet them at the basement 2 visitor lot. I hardly go to basement 2 as my parents car could be parked at basement 1. The moment i got out of the lift, I felt a eerie atmosphiere, of course I thought i was being too sensitive. I began searching down the row of cars but to my surprise,i cant find them. I was the only person there and i felt someone or rather something staring at me, Idid not feel comfy and went upstairs instead hastingly. Instead, my cousin somehow found their way and reached my house awhile after i came up. I ask them curiously if they saw me but they didnt,and they said their car was parked in an obvious place. I tried to stop thinking about it and asked them if they want to play with my hamster,when i opened the cage i saw it lying down motionless,i picked it ip but there was no reaction,my healthy hamster just died like that.

My maid also told me that a friend of hers also ecperienced something like so.eone staring at her and somehow the b2 carpark became a maze. Up to now, I dont dare to go b2 to be cautious. I would not want to face ‘it’ face to face, I guess neither of you readers will do the opposite if you weee in my shoes

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