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Hungry Ghost Festival

Well, actually I don’t really believe in ghosts until one day something happen.

On the first day of the 7th month, I was with my best friend, Megan chit chatting and gossiping happily while we’re walking to Mcdonalds.

Out of a sudden we heard someone calling our name, she sounded like a old lady at her 90s. I wanted to turn back when but Megan quickly stopped me from turning back. She hold my hand and ask me, “Why are you not scared at all?”

“Scared of what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I replied. Megan whispered in my ear, “That thing …”. I gave her a weird look and says, “What thing?”. “The thing floating around..” she said with her sweater covering her face. “What thing floating around? You mean ghosts?”

“Shhh !! Not so loud ! It’s hungry ghost festival today!” I laugh and laugh as loud as I could and told her that Ghosts are fake. However, she didn’t believe me and continued covering her face with her sweater until we reach McDonalds. After having our dinner at McDonalds, while we were walking home we heard the old lady again! I turned back but there was no one there. I thought that the old lady walked away but I was wrong, very wrong. We quickly pressed the lift button and get into the lift. Suddenly, the lift stopped moving, the lights are off. We couldn’t see each other as it was TOO dark, I took out my mobile phone and realized that the battery is flat, damn! Megan lend me her phone and we were trying to contact the lift management. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any reception. Out of a sudden, the door opened an old lady with long white hair walked into the lift . She looked at me and says, “Little girl, could you do me a favour?”. I looked at her and say to her her, “Of course, are you a human or a ghost”) she smiles and reply me, “27/12/2009 was my grand daughter’s birthday, I went to a nearby bakery shop and bought a small slice of cake for her, when I was crossing the road I met an car accident. My family was very poor we have to squeeze in a 1 room flat”. And from that moment onwards I believed that Ghost exists. I asked her what did she want me to do and she say that she want me to go to her house and buy her grand daughter a birthday cake. She gave me her address and thanked me and disappeared. The lift is working again! I shouted happily we quickly run home and took a bath. On the next day, I went to the old lady’s house and bought a cake for her grand daughter, I told them that the old lady told me to do so and they thought that I was lying to them but the old lady’s grand daughter believed me and kept the cake with her.

Although the others did not and they even took a broom to chase me out of the house, but luckily I’ve already bought the cake for her grand daughter. And from that day onwards, I never see the old lady again. This story is true! I swear and cross my heart that I ain’t lying at all.

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