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Punggol Kor Kor

This encounter was told by my friend recently. His place was under going some reno work and one night he bought his son (2 years old) and sister to pick up some stuffs in his new house.

While walking pass the corridor to his unit and before inserting his house key….his son call up to him that there is a “kor kor” (hokkien for elder brother) standing at one corner. Amazed, he turn around and find nothing and stunned by it.

He ask his son he must be playing with daddy but second time his son point to that corner and repeat “kor kor” there….this time cold sweat and chilled bones goes down on him and he quickly open his door to his house and keep clam with his sister got stunned too.

Took their stuffs and leave the place within minutes. Back home told his wife, she thought jokes. Next day afternoon, his wife bring her son again to take some stuffs with only two of them. And before entering the house, her son tap on her mum shoulder and says, “Mummy kor kor there again”. This time round his wife turns to make a fast pick up and left the place within minutes too. This encounter confirmed that children does have special eyes that can see things that adults don’t, right? As we know Punggol had tons of new flats, and this encounter happen at one of the block just besides Damai LRT station. Watch out mummy or daddy with your small kid if ever they mention “kor kor”………

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