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Uncomfortable House

Story dated back about 3 years back when I was working as an interior designer for a company. One day afternoon, I was tasked by my boss to take a site measure for an apartment at Lorong Chuan. Reaching the entrance of the building, it was so old, no guard house, no management office and facility etc.

Car park was full of wild glass and the building only got 6 units. Mine was level 2. This apartment price should be quite cheap as things are really torn down. The moment I stepped in, the existing interior was the place look odd with many corner walls and really needs a good refresh on it. While doing my site measure I feel so uncomfortable as I had never feel so before after visiting and measuring hundred of units in my career. My sense was true the moment I stepped into the kitchen.

There was a addition door or storage cabinet that’s shouldn’t be there cos unnecessary based on the size of the kitchen. Strange was the moment I open the doors, saw plenty of old stores things but what scare me through was a strong odd smell air blow into my face and body. I stunned for a moment….. There was a louver below the doors so air ventilation works but why ever a strong air burst into me when the door was opens slowly….don’t wish to think too much, I carry on to move forward to another room for measure job. This time round this room corner wall had a recess in so deep that no one can squeeze in for purpose can’t be explain. What surprise me was the room next I went the wall was flat and nothing recess out.

In my mind, what is inside the internal of both wall? Building pipes are out of question as engineer don’t construct this way too. The strange things was I knocked on the wall, the echo was clear and internal should be very empty so whats inside? With 2 unsolved questions affecting my work, I proceed to one of the bathroom for my measure. Stepped in and saw one of the shower room locked up like a store room???? A store room inside bathroom sound stupid. Try to open it but there was a pad lock that looks so rusty.

I spoke to the property agent about it and he keep quiet. (very wrong) he seem to know this unit something was amiss. He told me don’t bother about it and just carry on my job. My mind was telling me this place MUST be empty for a very long time with no buyer due to certain reason? Settled all my things and I move on. When I stepped out of the building and stand at the front main gate entrance it was evening time with little darkness. By the way this building had only one unit occupied with the other 5 units look empty. Strange feeling tell me that this is not a place to stay cos it’s look eerie. Before I turn my back on it, stunned…saw someone in security uniform standing at the corner of the building without shadow….you should know what I mean as there isn’t a guard house at all there.

FYI: The place was at 295 Lorong Chuan.

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