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Taiwan Hotel

This story was told by a good friend of my during his NS time, back than he and his buddy was posted to ROC Kao Xiong and during 1st day upon reach there, they booked into a Hotel and assigned to share a room, on 12th floor. They quickly check in and took a bath, so they can have time to do some sight seeing in Taiwan but changed their mind to visit pub instead.

So happily they drank a lot of beer that day, both were high but upon reaching back to Hotel 12th floor and before open their room door, there caught their eyes at the other corner room of the other end, there’s a very pretty young girl waving to greet them like she’s available.

My friend asked his buddy if he interested or not, NO! because both are too high and sleepy already So both ignored her and went inside their room to sleep!! The next day before they check out they ask the reception enquiry regarding the corner room pretty girl, she turn pale was shock and said quietly to them, “Please don’t tell anyone that I about to tell you or else I will lose my job”, looking around first than she said, “Sir there’s no girl on that floor of that description and that corner room is Haunted and Banned because of a murder case in that room! Wait please! She pull out from her drawer and say, “Here’s the newspaper cutting of this case last year and got the victims photo on it and they both also turn pale and shock because they really see ghost that night!! ((Police still investigate into this case where the murderer are still at large where the victims left on the Hotel bath room with multiply stab on her and cut into five pieces)).

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