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Women In Cheong Sum

Maria, working as a hostess was dead beat after having a long tiring day entertaining her clients. It was finally the end of the day. She walked towards her locker to pack her stuff. The locker was located at the first floor. The location of the lockers were dark and eerie. She was alone and when she was about to pack her stuff from the lockers, something caught her eyes.

A long haired women, dressed in cheong sum, was chatting away happily with the security guard. She found it unusual as she had never seen people nowadays wearing cheong sum. She thought that the women could be a friend of the security guard,and so,she continued packing her stuff.Out of curiosity,she walked towards the security guard after packing her stuff and asked him about the women dressed in cheong sum.” Who was the women chatting with you just now? Girlfriend ah? Women? Where got women? I alone what.”

Chill went down her spine. She persuaded herself it was all he imagination. She went home after packing her stuff. The next morning, a big lump grew on top of her eyelids. Thinking that it was sty, she ignored the lump. Day by day,the lump grew bigger and this time, it was painful and swollen. She decided to seek for treatment. The doctor examined her and the doctor told her that there was no medical explanation for that lump and prescribed painkillers. A few months later, Maria was found dead at home due to the lump on her eyes. The lump burst and she bled to death. The question was, who was she saw that women that night?? Is the women human or…..

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