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Interviewing A Spirit

This incident happened in Ulu Klang, Malaysia, last year on September 2009.

My cousin was possessed during her wedding day in broad daylight, right in front of everybody.The possession occurred at the house of the bride, in her room, when the mak andam(make-up artist) was preparing her for the wedding.

At that moment, she suddenly screams at the top of her voice, startling friends and relatives in the house. She also started speaking in fluent Tamil.

It was very scary and strange, because my cousin is a Malay and we all knew that she did not know how to speaks Tamil.

As we all(including me) went into the room to checked, there she was! Sitting on the bed,with her bridal dress, her long hair were covering her face, and she spoke something in Tamil!

Although her long hair were covering her face, we had a feeling that she was staring at all of us. The room temperature decreased too, even though it was a hot blazing Sunday afternoon outside.

Somebody already called the village bomoh, when the bomoh came, we all crowded at the door of the room as we watched and listen when the bomoh was confronting the spirit inside my cousin’s body.

Here is the dialogue between the bomoh and the spirit:

Bomoh: Why are you here in Siti Mardiana’s(my cousin) body? What is your name?

Spirit: (Speaking in Tamil-slang Malay)My name is Lechmipuruyamah D/O Silvaragam. I don’t know how I got here.

Bomoh: So you are an Indian. A Hindu?

Spirit: Yes, I am a Hindu. But I don’t know how I got here.

Bomoh: Where did you come from?

Spirit: It is hard to remember now, all I know is I was killed at the factory where I used to work. My husband, Raj, he stabbed me many times in the stomach and slashed my throat. I died there at the factory.

Bomoh: Did you remember how you came to be here in Siti Mardiana’s body?

Spirit: No encik, I only know she was walking at the spot where I died, behind that machine.

Bomoh: What machine?

Spirit: The machine at the factory where I worked. Raj killed me put my body there behind that machine. Its not there anymore, people have removed my body. But I was still at there when this girl(my cousin) walked passed.

Bomoh: Look Letchmi, you are dead, I’m sorry for what had happened to you, now you have to move on, do you understand? It is wrong for you to stay in this girl body or anyone body.

Spirit: I know pak cik, but I don’t know where to go, my stomach stills hurt from the stabbing, and my neck too. My head kept falling backwards because of the huge gap at the front of my neck.

(I felt goosebumps when the spirit said this, it was disturbing).

Bomoh: Maybe, I take you to your house. Where do you stay? Or maybe to a Hindu temple?

Spirits: Yes. Yes. Take me to the Hindu temple. I don’t want to stay at that factory. Its cold and dark. And the pain..
I don’t want to disturb anybody too. I don’t want to go home, I cant remember where is my house.

The spirit then started to cry. At first we felt fear, now we felt sorry for the poor spirit. We knew now that it was a restless spirit who lost its way.

Bomoh: Yes, yes come follow me to the temple.

At that moment, suddenly my cousin slumped to the bed. The spirit had left her body with the bomoh who was going off to the temple.
The wedding stills went on after that, it was an interesting yet so disturbing experience of the unknown spirits world for all of us that day.

Indeed, back in 1995, 15 years ago, in the factory at the edge of the village, a 25 year old Indian woman was found dead inside the factory. Her body was found with numerous stab wound in her abdominal area and her throat sliced open.

It seems that she was murdered by her husband after her husband found out she had affairs with another man.

Her husband had already been caught and sentenced to death. May God bless the soul of Letchmi and those poor, restless spirits like her.

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