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3 Eerie Stories

Story: 1.

A few years ago, I was heading home in a bus. The bus plied along a road that was far away from my home. From where I alighted, I had to walk across a car park and a stretch of empty field of the huge park.

The time was roughly 8.30pm. Many workers were walking home using the same pathway as I did. There was a footpath constructed across this field and many lamp post lined this footpath from one end to the other. So, the footpath was well-lit.

There I was walking across the field normally when something on top of a lamp post ahead caught my eye. Now, there were several people walking along with me either in front or behind. Yet, I ‘saw’ a translucent human-like figure perching like a bird on top of this lamp post.

My eyes were fixated on this thing. ‘It’ was observing the flow of people who were using this footpath including myself. I thought that was really spooky in a well-lit and crowded area.

From that night onwards, I stopped using that route to go home.

Story: 2.

This happened a few years ago. Back then, I was fond of staying up late in town and returned home after midnight. I was a very bold girl deciding to head home after catching the Night Rider bus which would take me to my housing estate before 4am.

The problem with this bus service was it travelled along the road that was not close to my flat. I had to take a taxi for a short 5 minutes’ ride away or walk about 15 minutes to my flat. I decided to save money because I did not want to pay the midnight service charge. So, I chose to walk home in the middle of the night around 3 plus am.

I had to walk along the main road where on one side were rows of HDB flats whilst the other side was a huge park. I decided to walk on the HDB flats’ side for safety and common sense reasons. I tended to be wary of parks at night as I heard too many stories about the unseen dark forces that were found lurking there.

There were hardly any vehicles passing by at that hour. I was walking quietly minding my own business when I saw a bus stop ahead on the opposite side of the road. That bus stop had an occupant.

I did not dare to look directly at that ‘person’. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed that the occupant was a female and ‘she’ had long black hair and dressed in a long white dress. ‘She’ was standing as if waiting for someone.

Now, my head was already muddled by that time. What was I to do? I had no idea whether that was a real woman or otherwise. I could make a u-turn but had to walk farther to reach home. I could just ignore that ‘person’ and continued walking hurriedly. I saw a 24-hour petrol station just a few metres ahead of me so I made the second decision.

So, I hasten my pace hoping that the ‘thing’ would not disturb me. Suddenly, I heard a “Pssssst! Pssssst! from across the road. OMG was that ‘thing’ trying to attract my attention. My hands were already clammy. I just ignored the unwelcome noises, looked down and fasten my pace hoping to reach the petrol station as fast as possible. All the while when walking, I could see the ‘thing’ at the bus-stop from the left side of my eye.

Suddenly, a vehicle stopped at the bus-stop. The driver was heard talking to that ‘thing’. I could heard his faint voice. Hearing that relieved me tremendously! That ‘thing’ was indeed a human!

I still could not make out if that was a woman or a transvetite though but that experience was enough to make me not repeat this stunt again at 3am in the future.

Story: 3.

This last incident happened only about a month ago. I attended a religious function near Bishan Central and the event ended at 2.30am. I lived about 20 minutes away by walking. I did not drive and no bus services were available at that time. So, I decided to walk home.

I used the main road that led me to my home in the shortest distance. There was hardly any vehicle on that road anf the silence was eminent. I just kept on walking. Halfway through, I decided to divert and head to the central hub of my estate, preferring not to head home at 3am . I would rather wait at a 24-hour fast food restaurant until dawn broke and returned home.

Everything was fine until I reached the shopping hub of my estate. I had to walk alongside the hub to reach the fast food restaurant and that side of the hub was lined with tall matured Angsana trees. Birds were fond of roosting on Angsana trees during dusk. So, I just walked on not paying attention to the trees.

When I was walking, I thought I heard noises coming from those trees. All of the trees along the hub that I was walking past were full of noisy birds! The birds were chirping noisily but it was 3.30am! I never knew of birds waking up that early in my life!

The ruckus created by the birds continued until the noise gradually disappeared as I walked further away.

I develop respect for trees for these are living places of the unseen. So, I normally do not dare to look up a tree or hang around one at night. I seriously do not want to know what made those bird noises at 3.30am. It might be the birds or something else that was impersonating as birds.

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