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I Am Home With Food

Its my real life experience, it happened sometime this March or Feb, can’t really remember. I was on MC from NS, had a really tough week from all the things going on around me and luck was kinda low. My mum went out to the nearby market to buy stuff and being stuffy and hot afternoon i went to sleep. Half way through my sleep, i heard my mum opening the door and shouted ” WO HUI LAI LE YOU DONG XI CHI (I’m home with food)” so being a hungry and growing young man i opened my eyes and turned towards the door.

Just den i saw this little boy, running from my room corridor in green pants and yellow shirt or vice versa with a hat into my room. At that split second, i thought “ehhh how come my cousin here” there on second thought…my cousin not so young anymore. Then the “little boy” upon reaching in front of my bed disappeared into thin air. The total time my mum shouted she’s home to i experience it is less den 5 minutes.

So my mum thought that she might have brought something home with her. And my luck wasn’t all red and shiny back den so i may have seen something i shouldn’t have.

Thats my little experience, maybe I’m just too tired and seeing things n maybe not. Up for you all to decide.

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