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Floor in Genting Hotel

This story was related by a close friend whose relative worked in one of the Genting Hotels.

It was said that there is a floor (in between hotel rooms) contributed to only the spirits of Genting Highlands. This floor is said to be set in such a way where the entire floor is dimmed and gloomy and at the end of the hall has a long table which represents an altar.

An exclusive number of designated hotel staff would be assigned to be the only ones given access to this floor to give peace offering onto the altar, therefore they will be the only ones with the access card (I don’t know how they access but I assume it’s done by card that is used to swipe in the elevator).

Somehow, a group of 4/5 boys (somehow managed to achieve access to this floor) knew about the happenings of this particular section.

They took the lift to the floor feeling anxious, afraid, thrilled, etc (you name it). Once the door opened, none of them were brazen enough to step out, in fact, they all stood inside the small confinement and stared cautiously into the enlarged dimmed hall.

One of them said it was enough and that they should start heading back down to the lobby so the one nearest to the buttons pressed ‘Close Doors’.

As you expected in any ghost stories, the doors did not close. Even after several attempts the doors did not budge an inch.

Until one of them who had enough as his patience wore thin, he said ‘F*** it, I’m taking the stairs!’

So, he dash out of the lift and headed for the staircase. The moment he step foot out of the lift, the doors began to creak and close in an unusual fast motion.

His friends panicked and instantaneously pulled him back into the lift. Had the doors closed on it and the friends were not able to pull him back in time, who knows what will befall him if he’s alone on that spooky floor.

Though this story was only told by a friend, I don’t know how many versions were there. But this was related by a friend’s relative who worked in Genting Hotel. So let me know if there is another version, or perhaps the real truth of the existence of this floor.

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