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Histopathology Of NUH

This story that i’m about to narrate, is an incident that occured to me.

I am a staff at NUH. As many of us know, there is a linkway that connects the main building and kent ridge wing. This Linkway, is located at level 2.

The level 2 linkway, is used for patient move. And, this is how everything started..

It was a weekend. The time was 5.15pm. I was told to complete a task that was allocated to me by my controller.

I had to despatch 14 casenotes. Therefore, i went to the Medical Record Office, located at Kent ridge wing.

I was pushing the trolley, towards the linkway.

and suddenly, the door at lift lobby 8, opened and closed several times. I sensed that something was wrong somewhere. As i was pushing the trolley faster, i could hear alot of footsteps around me. However, i was the only person at that level. I closed my eyes, for several seconds.

as i took small steps towards the entrance of the main building, i saw a white figure, moving across the staircase towards the histopathology lab.

the next thing i knew, i was dumbstruck.
I called my controller, and told her to assign the job to another porter. i felt the trolley outside the Department of Diagnostic Imaging.

the following week, i decide to investigate about the hospital. And that was when, my colleague told me that during the 90′s, the histopathology lab used to be a place where they did post mortem. they used the cadavers’ body parts for research and experiments. However, they demolished the ”area” and converted it to histopathology lab.

and the spirit is lurking in that area, had been there for a very very long time. trying to find its body, that was once used for ”medical experiments!”

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