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Jalan Bahtera Campsite

This is a story at jalan bahtera campsite,which i’ve experience’s it myself. It was back,in primary 4. I attended a camp,that was organised by my primary school itself. It was a 4 day’s 3 night camp at jalan bahtera.I was looking forward to the camp,and the day finally arrived. I was so excited,and i didnt know much about the place. It was the 1 day of camp,and i didnt expect much to happened at the camp. We had to put in our stuff and get ready to set of on our advanture. Anyway,to cut the story short,it was the 3 night of the camp,and it was at night when,we had our dinner. After we had our dinner,we are to get ready for our night walk. As the sir’s told us what to do during the night walk,i was looking somewhere else. I was looking to my left side. There is a tree that is so big,and below the tree,i saw something,like a person i white standing down there. I taught it was lamp post at first. So decided to asked my friends who is sitting beside me. They reply me,”No,i never saw anything”. I was shocked,and changed my place. After,they when off,i decided to asked the sir’s myself.
“Sir did you see anything there”?
“No,we dont see anything”
“Its under the tree,the white thing”
“Its the lamp post”
So in the end,we had to pass by that *thing* as we went to our night walk. And,as i walk pass the *thing* it vanished in split seconds.

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