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Exposing Torso

They say it is not good to expose your torso while asleep because it attract spirits to ‘touch’ you. During my teenage years in the early 1990′s era, bare-midriff shirt which exposed the stomach area was a popular fashion trend among us teenage girls including me, especially if one have a sexy, flat tummy like me.

I used to wear crop tops and ‘belly’ shirts all the time including at home or asleep, but after this horrifying incident I prefered to cover myself up while sleeping.
I always have this habit of sleeping by lying on my back with both my hands stretched out above and both my legs spread apart widely.

That night, I was sleeping and as usual I was only wearing a ‘half’ T-shirt and shorts. A large portion of my stomach was totally exposed, and then I had a dream.
In my dream a tall, bulky Indian man came into my room holding a huge Rambo knife. Then I realised I couldn’t get away as both my hands and legs were tied to the four corners of the bed. The man then climb above me and i remember begging him not to do anything. I could feel the cold metal blade pressing on my bare stomach and I saw to my horror that the man eyes were completely white with no pupil!

And then I felt a very sharp pain down below as i reallised in shocked that my stomach was being sliced open slowly! I was already shaking my head in protest and screaming loudly, it was very, very painful, the dream seems real at that moment.

Then came the most painful part when he ripped my stomach open and slowly pulling out colons and colons of my bloodied intestines and held it in front of my face!
The smell was terrible that I started to vomit out some partially digested food mixed with blood from my ruptured stomach.

I also lost control of my bowel till i shat and urinate on the spot. After some humiliating moments of ‘real’ pain, I woke up. It was then I made a gruesome discovery, not only was my bed dirtied with my faeces, urine and vomit but also there is a vicious long red mark on my abdomen. The mark is gone now, till this day i wondered how the mark came to be there. A hindu friend later told me, maybe that is how I died during my ‘past life’, by disembowelment,some dreams are just records of the past. I hope now that I die a less ‘nastier’ way in this present’life’

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