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Scary Springleaf Gardens

This story took place many years ago and mostly after the fact.

My family and I used to stay at Springleaf Gardens. Our house was a simple Semi Detached, with a long garden on the side. Every now and then, I would organise BBQs and invite my friends over for a night of merriment and general mayhem.

It was only after we moved out that I learnt of the scary going ons.

It was over a kopi that a friend’s girlfriend recounted to me her experiences at my old house.

She apparently had a “3rd” eye and could see such things and that during one of my bbqs, she saw a old man standing at the far end of the garden shaking his head. I was shocked to learn of this and asked her why she hadn’t said anything to me about this during the bbq, to which she replied that she didn’t feel that it would be right to say such things during a happy occasion.

A old man? Shaking his head at the far end of the garden? We certainly never experienced anything of the sort during our stay there…

With this in mind, I asked my mother what she made of it, and she speculated that it could have been my grandfather who had passed away in the room at the back..but that was’nt possible, that was 6 years ago..or was it?

It was a few weeks later when my mother called me out of the blue,..she said:

“I was just talking to the neighbor and she told me that her grandfather (who as staying with them) had passed away..a few weeks ago..a day before you bbq.”


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