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Unforgettable Night

This happened to my friends sister a few months back. Until now when she thought of it she shivers like hell. Lets just call her “X” cause she just wants to remain anonymous. So here’s the story :

X was going home from a youth party that was held in her church. On the way to and fro the church, the road would be very dark and eerie at night because of the tall trees that grow along the sides of the road. So X, was walking along the road shining the road with a “flood torchlight” ( You know what type of torch that is ) while cursing her friends in her mind because of not giving a ride for her to go home. So after more than 5 minutes away from the church, X felt really cold and thought that it might be the wind. Moments later, she heard a laugh behind her. She looked back but there was no one. She turned to the front and saw a ghost that look a bit like ” The Ring ” type of ghost. She just stayed calm knowing the fact that ghosts will feel more powerful if you were scared. She just passed by the ghost who was a few inches away from her when she passed her. Then after less than a minute, she looked back and saw the ghost following her floating 2 inches above the ground stretching out her hand towards X. X couldn’t tolerate it anymore and ran like her life was depending on it! She ran for a kilometer until she reached her home refusing to stop along the way to rest, only to collapse on the ground to see her mother rushing towards her. She told the whole story to her mom and her mom comforted her. During the next morning she had high fever which lasted for 3 days. After she recovered, she scolded and cursed her friends so badly for not giving her a ride that night. Her friends promised to give her a ride everytime they went together to a party or whatsoever. Besides that she also learnt to depend on God in this types of situations.

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