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My sister’s husband passed away a couple of years ago in their home. He had Cancer and decided that he wanted to spend what time he had left with their 3 children. The cancer was so bad that there was nothing that they could do for him. On June 15, 2006 he passed away at 3:16am. My sister had told me later on that day that she and his brother (who was staying with her so she didn’t have to be alone) fell asleep on the couch. She said that the T.V. which was left on but muted kicked on full blast then went back to mute a few minutes before he passed on. The good thing was is that we had taken my sisters kids 2 days before so they wouldn’t have to see their daddy like that.

There was always someone there with him trying to help my sister take care of him. Which was a good thing. They helped take care of getting him out of there with out everyone causing a scene. I stayed with my sister that night. At 3:16am a cold air filled the living room, which was where he had passed away. I looked up from where I was sleeping on the couch and looked behind me to see a figure waving. Then disappeared. Things didn’t seem to really happen to anyone except for the kids. They would hear a little keyboard that they had playing in the middle of the night, and see someone in there room. They would hear the words I love you in their ears in the middle of the night. They would even talk to him during the day. They said that he was there and playing trucks with them.

Then one day we seen a truck move and no one was around that toy truck. Then one night I was watching the kids for my sister to let her go out. I went to go to sleep when my niece walked in and asked if she could sleep with me, I told her of course. She had to leave the bathroom light on. When she finally fell a sleep I looked over at the wall and seen my brother-in-law once again. He waved and then it looked as if he was walking down stairs. To this day you can hear blue grass music playing, see shadows on the wall of a person, hear footstep, and him talking. He is staying to make sure everything is okay with my sister and the kids.

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