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Tan Tock Seng Hospital

My friend used to work in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The new building started in operation somewhere in may 1999 or something, he forgot liao. anyway he job there at that time sometimes have to deal with dead bodies. especially night shifts because in the mornings bodies are collected and you know, got paper works and such. One morning about 5 am, his colleague asked him to help check with the mortuary staff on the numbers of bodies needs to be claimed and collected so he helped. So he done the papers and to double confirm, he checked out the “sym” at A&E Dept after checking with the mortuary staffs. A “sym” in a hospital is a place where the bodies of the newly dead patients are put. It means Sympathy Bay or something like that. In some occasions, it can be quite bloody for traffic accidents cases, industrial accidents, etc. The location of the sym of old TTS Hospital was at A&E, near to the police post, where you have to walk a short corridor to reach it, where there are two doors to the syms.

The strange thing is that when he was walking along the corridor, he felt all his hairs stand. Its unusual coz unavoidably as staff have to walk around these areas and dead bodies are not a uncommon sight to us so why the electrical feeling. Anyway reach the syms and both doors are opened, meaning its emptied. When its closed means there is bodies inside.

But as he reach the end, he saw a body inside the sym. Strange, according to record, there are no bodies left. So he checked with A&E nurse to see if there is any fresh case, no. So he kept quiet about the incident and ignored it.

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