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Don’t Anyhow Throw Tissue

I’ve got 1 story to share, I got a bunch of friends living together as housemates during their campus days.

One night they decided to go out for supper and went out driving 2 cars. Nothing happened during their way to supper, but after supper something spooky happened. As I said they were driving 2 cars, 1 driving at the front of the other car. Some of my friends that are in the car in front start throwing out some tissue paper which has been torn into pieces out from the window just to “kacau” the friend’s in the car behind.

Then my friend (with gifted eyes) sitting in the second car used his handphone to contact the friends in the car in front to stop throwing the papers and fortunately the friends in the front car finally stopped doing their stupid act.

They reached home safely and the housemates suspected the my friend is hiding something from them about the phone call because my friend also very well known with his gifted eyes.

At first my friend didn’t want to tell to his housemates what actually happened but after some persuasion, he finally told the reason. He said, during their time throwing the pieces of tissue paper, he saw a lady in a red dress sitting on their car bonnet and a small little child jumping around the car roof.

My friend said that maybe the tissue paper attracted that 2 things Because according to some old chinese movie, people throwed some “passing road paper” during a funeral. After his housemates listen to his explanation they start to worry and was scared.

Then they asked him where did those things go ? Did they disappear after they stopped throwing the tissue ?

My friend answer “no, I can stil see her outside of our house right now, she looks very angry staring into our house with the little child running around her”…………but luckily nothing happened to them after that night so I advise you guys better don’t simply throw any stuff from your car windows, especially at night…who knows you might get something special in return.”

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