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The Haunted House

My girlfriend lives in a haunted house with a very grumpy, if not downright angsty spirit. From what I’ve heard (seeming as how it doesn’t seem he likes strangers, and I’m not over there often enough) he apparently is just content to sit and watch like the pervert he is (*snerk*), until he can corner someone alone.

Like for instance, (and mind you I could be wrong on a few of the details), her mother was sitting downstairs in the living room around the time when they had first moved into the place (an old camp up on a mountain in eastern NY) the spirit growled at her something like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” and generally creeped her out pretty bad. Other times, when both of the parents were out, it would do things. Appear in dark sillouettes, flick light switches, I guess generally anything that makes me nervous to have my back to a dark, empty room as I sit here typing on the computer. Also, they used to hear footsteps out on their front porch, (which wouldn’t seem too out of place, providing they weren’t sure there wasn’t anyone or anything out there – no pets or whatnot) but they went away when they removed it. Later on, when they built the new one, the strange sounds came back.

As I’ve said, though perhaps not in so many words, I haven’t so much seen the dark shapes or seen the odd effects. The only thing I’ve witnessed, (and I’ve since been forbidden to talk about anything I see or hear when something happens for the sake of the place remaining habitable to its occupants and guests) and it was something that others seem to remark on quite a bit as well, is that the one part of the house near the bathroom in the back has a very odd…presence to it I guess you’d say. It seems that guests don’t use it unless they absolutely have to, and when they do they usually come out looking relatively shaken up. But still, even sitting on the other side of the wall in the living room you can pretty much feel the vibes. And damn it, why did I have to write all this at almost 2 in the morning, heh, I’ll never get to sleep now.

But erm, if you’re interested in possibly hearing more (if you think the place might be legitimately haunted) I’ll try and get her to contact you with more of the first-hand type perspective that I think you’re looking for.

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