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A Famous Story

I used to live in one of the housing estates along Admiralty Road. The previous owners had moved out for no apparent reason. When we talked to our new neighbors, they kept asking us if we were really sure that we wanted to live there. My brother thought that it was rather suspicious and wanted to find out the history of the house before buying it. However, my parents did not want to bother to as they thought that this was already a good buy as it was near my school, Woodlands Secondary.

So we moved in soon after.

When we first stepped in, we had a shock! We were greeted by the huge portrait of a man who was glaring at us! As we did not like the portrait, we tried to take it down, but it seemed to be stuck to the wall. Life went on as usual, but whenever anyone was at home alone, which was usually me as I was the first to reach home everyday after school, we would feel very uneasy, as if someone or something was staring at us.

One day, went I got home, I looked at the portrait, when I walked away, I realized to my horror that the eyes of the man in the portrait FOLLOWED ME wherever I went.

I ran for dear life!

When my parents got home, I told them what had happened but as expected they not only disbelieved me but scolded me for watching too many horror movies.

After that incident, I have always waited downstairs after school at the lift landing for my brother to come home then I went up with him.

Finally, when something happen to my parents, then we moved out promptly.They were at home alone on a Sunday as my brother and I went to my neighbor’s house to study.

My mother said that she felt a pair of eyes burning into her back and she dared not look back. When my father came to ask her something. His face suddenly turned pale and he stammered that the man in the portrait was standing behind her and smiling literally from EAR-TO-EAR!!!

Both of them dashed out of the house and came to my neighbors house.

Soon after that, we moved out.

Secretly, I was happy that my parents saw what they saw because they did not believe me earlier on.

Maybe now they will believe…

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