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My Strange Brother

I have a 3 year old brother. He doesn’t talk about his “friend” as often as he used to now. But there was a time when he kept talking about his friend named “Donald”. At first I thought, wow..he’s so creative …he could play by himself. He would pretend to call Donald telling him Hey Donald, I’m over my Daddy’s house…want to come over?…then sometimes he would tell me Donald’s funny..he taught me how to dance like this..and he would you know…do this little routine. So I thought, oh so Donald’s probably a neighbor or something. So I asked his sister who Donald is, she said I don’t know…his imaginary friend I guess. His sister went on to tell me how Jon-jon (our brother) would scare her sometimes because sometimes she would hear Jon jon talking in his room or run around the house as if he was playing tag with someone.

Well one time, I was over my dad’s girlfriend’s house and was sitting on the couch. Jon jon was playing in the living room taking shots at his toddler basket ball hoop. When all of a sudden he stopped and was looking at the kitchen and said Hey Donald come play with me. Come here! Look me ! Being the wussy that I am I froze and was just watching him and eyeing the kitchen. Jon then looked at me and back in the kitchen and said Oh she’s my Ate. Come here. She will let us play By then I was…freaking’ out..but I pretended to act cool and managed to say Who are you talking to honey? he then said…I’m talking to Donald

Where’s Donald?
He’s there right now..and he pointed towards the area above his toddler basketball hoop which is a good 5 feet above the floor.
what does he look like? I asked
He’s a little me.. then he said Donald! Don’t leave yet!!! brother then turned tome with a disappointed look on his face and said Donald’s gone…

I don’t know what to make of it seriously…could be that my brother just have an overactive imagination…

another one

This happened to my co-worker. Her son was also 3 at that time. She said that they’ve been living in that house way before her son was born. She said that one day, she was at home with her son *just the two of them* she was sorting out bills on the dining table when she saw her son ran from his room and started hiding behind the chair and was giggling. Curiously she asked What are you doing? her son then placed a finger on his lips to gesture his mom to be quiet then aid I’m hiding…I’m playing with that guy I saw in my bedroom His mom freaked out and thought that there was an intruder in the house. She was about to call 911 when her son got up and ran towards his bedroom again. Thinking by now that there is indeed an intruder in her house she screamed for her son to stop and grabbed their largest kitchen knife and followed her son frantically to his room. When she was able to catch up with him, she told him to stay outside the bedroom door. She then yelled Who’s there? Her son who was standing behind her then said Mom the guy’s gone, he went inside the wall She then took her son and went over their neighbor and stayed there until her hubby comes back.

Then one time she was watching TV in the living room with her husband and son when her son came up to her and said Mom, that ugly old was in my room again..he was making faces at me

same scene different time:

His son started laughing. My co-worker then said what so funny his son then said that guy he’s right there and pointed at the corner of the living room and he’s being funny. He’s making his head spin *ay put **** in a mug!!!*..she got scared when her son told her that but by the time she was telling me about it..we both thought it was also kinda funny so we both started laughing..

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