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Spooky Affair

A friend told me a spooky story recently. Briefly, he told me that every time he wanted to drive his car at night, he would ‘see glimpses’ of a young lady on his car ‘packaged together’ with scent of flowers. I jokingly told him that perhaps ‘a beautiful lady ghost’ would like to befriend him because he’s a good looking guy but of course he wasn’t laughing at my joke. It was OK for him to drive the car in daytime but not at night. (his nature of job involving shifts as well) After few incidents occurring, during his night shift, he will resort to public transport or get a lift from close friends to go to work.

FYI My friend is a religious guy and been married for many years and I know he wasn’t creating ‘stories’ to get my attention. He has been seeking the services/advises of many ‘religious/knowledgeable people’, psychologists/psychiatrists (shrinks) even to the extend of going to the mosque everyday to pray harder or give more to the needies. But still the matter persisted.

I asked him of why did he called me up cos’ I’m unable to see any way I can help. He claimed (I think it’s a tale) that one night, he was praying hard for ‘help from the heavens’ and suddenly he thought of me (now guys/’s not what you think..I’m not a ‘dukun/bomoh’ OK?). You know what this guy proposed?

“Nik I want you to drive this car for few days?”

I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing. Crazy idea!! I told him :

“If you had not told me about this scary story and just bluff saying that – Nik, I want you to test drive my car, then it’s a LOT better and I will definitely take the car without any resistance but now? Am having second thoughts”

So, since he appeared to look very frustrated with my answer, thus, having recited some prayers that suits a non-pious guy like me, I took the car home (to this date I still can’t believe that I’ve done that).

Surprisingly, for few days I’ve driven the car, there were NO strange phenomenons occurring on myself. My first guess is that “This ghost is targeting my friend and not me”. Since nothing happened, I passed the car back with some ‘petua’ (also a psychological ‘thing’ so that he would gain some confidence) that whenever he wanted to drive this car at night, just say :

“I’m not Mr. so & so but I’m Nik” – hoping that the trick will work. He actually bought it!

Guess what…hahahahha, IT WORKS! and the best part of all, the car has been sold off yesterday.

So? up to you…believe it or not…fact or fiction.

But don’t start sending me your cars if you have problems OK? I’m just doing it for a friend who desperately needed my help. I don’t know how I did it..but somehow I did it…

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