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A Lady Cycling

The year was 1995. I was on my way back to KL after visiting a refinery project in Melaka. I had to take a short-cut (now it’s a highway)* in order to reach the Alor Gajah Toll. No street lights, hilly and jungle areas. It was 4.00 a.m. when I saw a young lady figure cycling about 50 meters away from the opposite side. My mind was thinking, why would a young lady like that be so brave cycling during this hour? There’s no rubber estate around! As I drew closer (slowly), I used the high beam (just to make sure) and clearly saw a young ‘beautiful’ Chinese lady wearing Chinese Opera Dress riding an old-type bicycle (no more in production). She was staring sharply at me and I stared at her back (I need to assure myself that she’s a normal human being and not a ghost)…The face was pale not only because of her ‘opera’ makeup but also due to the real pale face with ‘bruised’ eyes. As I passed her, I didn’t dare to look into the mirror. It was OK..nothing happened. I stopped at the Alor Gajah Toll and wondering to myself if I have seen a real ghost.

Not long after that, I visited a friend who’s working in the project and told him about the story. He told me that I am damn lucky because there were cases where ‘she’ appeared on the car seating next to you. Eerie…but I did try many times to have a ‘re-encounter’ but failed.

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