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The Third Eye

My dad’s side of the family is born with the “3rd eye” whereby they can see these “beings”. I have not “seen” then per se, but I am very sure when I feel it’s presence in an area. I am also very spooked by hotel rooms, so I will always choose a person with very big “sha qi” to enter the hotel room first (I make my hb enter first).

There was once I was in Genting Highlands and I stayed at the Highland Towers. My friend and I were chatting away in the living room and we fell asleep on the floor, facing the glass doors to the outside balcony. I know that I couldn’t sleep well because when I close my eyes, I can envision a body hanging right in front of us at the glass door. I was scared but I didn’t say anything to my friend and waited till it’s light out. Meanwhile, my friend was snoring away. The next day, I told my friend about what “vision” and she said that she dreamt of the very same thing in her sleep. Spooky ain’t it?

My uncle has been able to see these “beings” since he was very young and is not spooked by it. He actually talks to them and warn them not to kacau us. Our old house used to be cursed, because we found out later that the previous owner had owed people a lot of money and left a curse on the building (we lived in a shophouse before). So when my uncle came over, he pulled my dad to the side and told him that there were many burnt body parts in the house and they were literally sticking out from the walls and wailing and gesturing my uncle to go nearer. My parents went to the temple and got some advice for the capturing ritual and talisman (fu) to be burnt. OK, this is only one example. There are other stories in my collection, including a friend who used to stay next to the cemetery… hehehhe….

Our family volunteers for the temple and we do get to see a lot of people who are possessed come to get help. Most of the time, these special cases require a special time slot (not for general public) and the entire team of temple helpers to conduct the exorcism. But like stpeiyee said, don’t forget your prayers, and stay positive. These negative qis are attracted to negativism.

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