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Spooky Farm Incident

This happened around 9-10 years ago. My family owns a hacienda/farm in Bayabas,Bacolod. It’s really old….it was actually used as a headquarters by the freedom fighters during WW2. Anyway, lots of restless spirits haunt the place. The freedom fighters (back then) caught a Japanese scout and started torturing the guy for information. After they killed him, they buried him under the stairs of our house. Only after the war was over did the remains get shipped back to japan. Needless to say, I don’t think the spirit ever left the stairs. Until now, if you try to walk up the stairs alone, you’ll feel him grabbing your feet and tripping you.

It actually happened to my sister. We were chasing each other when we ran up the stairs. I was in the lead and the distance between us was such that when I was on the stairs, she could see me but when she was on the stairs, I couldn’t see her. She was ought of sight for just 3 seconds when I heard her scream. I ran back to the stairs and I saw her pulling at her leg. Some thing was pulling her leg down towards the small room under the landing where the jap was buried. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was a hand but aside from looking skeletal, it looked hairy.

My sister was screaming like crazy so I just ran to her and pulled her by the arms. The hand? just let go so we ran to our room and hid under the bed.

That was the last time I went back to the farm!

But if you guys want, we can spend next summer there and go ghost hunting. There are LOTS of spirits around the farm. It’s situated with a river behind it and a forest to it’s left. Oh yeah, there’s a haunted, dilapidated chapel to the right.

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