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Haunted Philippines Stories

In 1989 (I was with my mom then renting a place in Felix Huertas, Manila), as I was about to enter my room, I noticed a pink silhouette figure on the door next to my room. I wasn’t quite sure what it was at first but as I stared at it, the figure became clearer – it was a woman! It didn’t do anything to me though, but it seemed that my heart stopped beating!

Then in 1990 (We were staying at Roosevelt, Makati naman), I was reading an article bout ghosts, when suddenly I heard a “pssssttt” from inside the room. I was the only one at home. I think I even forgot to wear my slippers when I ran outside to my neighbor’s house! hahahaha….it was horrifying!!!

Next was in 1993 (I was having a retreat at St. Vincent’s Seminary), when at around 12 mn, me and my roommate heard voices outside the room. We thought the other guys were having a party. So we went out to join the fun but to our surprise there was no one around! So we decided to go back to our room. As we stepped inside the room and closed the door, the voices again were present! We were so terrified, I think we both fainted. The very next day we went home and did not continue with the retreat anymore!

The latest one happened in 1995(I was taking a nap at the CHK Women’s locker room at UPDIL), I was awakened by a dream that a demon was about to get me! Then suddenly the white shirt that hung in one of the lockers traveled within the room in a straight line! I thought I was dreaming, so I pinched myself and the pain I felt made me run outside the locker room! I didn’t know what that was!

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