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Thailand Spiritual

Thailand has many kinds of ghosts, but I would like to tell you about “Pe’ ka sun,” which lives in the body of an old woman. She never died because she got strength from eating dirty things. For example, she would eat the thing that covers a baby after birth. Every midnight, her head would leave her body and move around looking for something to eat. She did this every night until people in the town knew about her, because she used to clean her mouth on the white clothing that they dried outside of their houses. People found blood on their white clothes every morning. However, she would go back to her body before sunrise every morning.

She had a beautiful daughter and a lot of men liked her. Her daughter would become “Pe’ ka sun” after her mother died. People were scared of her and they tried to kill her many times, but they could not. Finally, they used a bamboo tree; these trees are very sharp, so they brought them to make sticks. “Pe’ ka sun” felt terrible pain when they stabbed the bamboo sticks into her, and she died at last.

This is just one ghost story from my town, but it is the most famous one.

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