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Possessed Friend

A few years ago, I was watching TV with my friend in my apartment. On TV there was playing a kind of true horror show which is shown every summer season.

Suddenly, my friend stopped talking. The story on TV was about the closure of a school which was being exorcised by a Japanese traditional shaman. He seemed to be praying to a god or spirit, and after a few minutes, his voice changed and became very deep. The voice said, “I will never forget your faces and yellow car because you were disturbing my sleep breaking windows and walls; I will never forgive you.”

After my friend heard this, his face looked like he was afraid. I asked him, “What’s the matter with you?” He asked me, “Have you ever believed in ghosts?” I thought he made fun of me; however, his face was very serious. He said that he had gone to that same school one month earlier with his friends when they had been drinking too much and had broken windows and walls.

I knew he had a yellow car. I still thought that he was joking, but he called a few friends who were there with him. One of the friends was watching the same TV show. The friend was shocked by the story. I couldn’t believe them, but they talked to me seriously. When I suggested that I would like to go there with them, they were really afraid, so finally I thought they told a true story.

I had never believed in ghosts, but after my friend talked to me, I felt they might exist.

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