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Horror Experiences

This story was told by my mother who knows that I like to hear ghost stories.

I am from Sibu, Sarawak and one day the local newspaper reported an incident filed by a cop. The cop was patrolling the Sungei Merah area which was near the cemetery late one night when he saw a lady in sarong riding a motorbike. He pulled the lady over and asked her if she needed help with something as it was not normal for a lady to be out that late and only clad in sarong. She said that she was looking for her 7 year-old son. The cop asked her where her husband was. The mysterious lady said that her husband was looking for her son elsewhere. The cop offered to help in the search and followed from some distance behind. Soon he lost sight of the lady and he was bewildered. After cruising around, he finally came to a house and saw a motorcycle parked outside. It was quite dark but he could still see the motorbike and recognize it as the one that the lady was riding. Thinking that she must have found her kid, he decided to check on her to be sure. Upon knocking on the front door, he was greeted by a man who apparently had just been waken up by the knock and looking kinda of groggy. The man asked the officer if there was a problem. The officer enquired about his wife and his son.

The man was silent and obviously confused. Finally he told the cop that his wife had died giving birth to his then 7 year old son, and that the boy was then sound asleep. Would you believe it?

Story 2:

This one was told by my professor when she saw me surfing the net for ghost stories in my computer class one day. By the way, I am a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, USA.

There was this lady whose husband was a sailor. Her husband was deciding to make his last voyage and after that he would quit to spend more time with her. She was excited. The day her husband’s ship sailed off, she was there bidding him farewell and she also told him that she would wait for his return, no matter what. Weeks passed, and then months, and finally the year drew to a close. She never gave up hope. Finally one day, she fell sick and never recovered from her illness. People said she died of a broken heart.

Even after her death, village folks reported that they still saw her walking up and down the shore line in anticipation of her husband’s return. Would you believe it?

Story 3:

This third story used to be THE ONLY ghost story my mom had to tell, no matter how many times I bugged her about telling me more.

My mom came from a small village across the river before she married my dad and settled in Sibu. In this small village, there was a big and rather rich family. The eldest son of the family was an ambitious person and he had made it to Singapore to further his education. One day, the grandpa of the family fell terminally ill. Many relatives came to visit but the son would or could not return from Singapore. Finally, the old man died. Soon after his death, strange incidents started to occur around the house. Every morning, people in the house would find pebbles and dirt out in the house compound. At first they thought it was the work of some village kids but no matter how they tried to catch the culprit, none was ever seen. And the problem only grew worse. So, the family decided to see a renowned spiritualist for advice. The spiritualist told the family there was someone who passed away recently in the family and the soul was restless because his request was not fulfilled. The spiritualist enquired if there was a son in the family who had been away from home. The family finally found out that the old man had wanted to see the son before he died but the son did not return and he died an unhappy man. To remedy the situation, the spiritualist advised that the son be called home immediately to pay his last respects. They did it and the pebble and dirt throwing ended shortly after that.

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