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The Curse of One’s Death

During the Spanish times, there was once a Spanish lady here in the Philippines. She was walking somewhere when she met an old Filipino, carrying a heavy baggage on his back. Then he suddenly fell on the road because of exhaustion. Since Filipinos were meanly treated as slave workers, she kicked his body to get him out of her way. Then, when the Spanish lady had passed through, the old man just stared at her, as if waiting for her to leave. Then, the old man threw a curse – The Curse of One’s Death.

The day after the incident, she heard the old man she saw yesterday had passed away. She was surprised and quite shaken by that news, so she immediately told the whole story to a certain friend.

The next day, her friend died a mysterious death, with no trace of illness or accident. This time, the Spanish lady became even more frightened. To have someone console her, she again told somebody, this time, a bishop, about the old man she met by the road.

Subsequently the bishop died, and just like what had happened to her friend, there was no evidence of sickness or accident too. This made the Spanish lady terribly worried. It finally occurred to her that a curse must be the cause surrounding those untimely and unexplainable deaths. She then consulted an albularyo[witch doctor]. She told everything that happened, from the old man to the death of the Bishop. Then the witch doctor advised to her that the only way to break the curse was to tell the story to the one she loved she loved the most.

And so she did follow what the witch doctor had said. Unfortunately, it was the Spanish lady who soon died.

and so the story of the Spanish lady was passed on to everyone; from one place to another. Then, there was a Filipino who soon heard about that story. While he was about to sleep one night , suddenly, an image of a woman appeared in front of him. It was the Spanish lady, she was saying something in Spanish. And the Filipino just nodded, although wondering what the lady had said to him. Then she disappeared, like a mist in the night.


But, to stop the curse, just pass it on.

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