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Sleep Paralysed

I would like to share incidents of sleep paralyzed. During my grandmother’s funeral when I was 11 yrs old, I saw many black children figures making a lot of noises, playing at the playground facing my grandmother’s altar. It was 4am then. I didn’t know and believe in ghost at that time, but I think I pretty much freak out my relatives when I ask them why are there children playing at this hour. My mom just hush me & get me to go back to the house to sleep. It was only after the funeral then did I realize what I saw wasn’t children from the next block but something else.

i had the experience of “bei gui ya” too. Twice in fact. Once was in my room, and I saw my grandfather who had already passed away, standing by the side of my bed. Somehow it wasn’t so scary because it was my grandfather and he doted on me a lot when he was alive. The 2nd time was in San Francisco. i had a very terrible nightmare of me dying and was sent to hell. And I was pleading with some “angels” to let me go back, and found out from my bestie that i had died. I woke up to see a black figure standing by the side of my bed. I couldn’t move, wanted to scream but couldn’t. Was so freak out I keep praying in tongues, and when i can finally move, I sat up straight to look at the clock to see that it’s 4am in the morning. Ever since then, i’ll try to fall asleep before 4am at night, or avoid going to the toilet or even going out at that time. sound silly.. but to me, 4am is like the witching hour when things come out to play..

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