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Personal Scary Experiences

1. I used to work in an office building that was known to be haunted. Some of my ex colleagues reported seeing black shadows floating around the building and in between cubicles! one of the secretaries which had a third eye also said that she keeps seeing some “thing” sit on one of the executives’ chairs but she refused to say who’s so we were all freaking out. Whenever i worked late at night, i would hear the fax machine or printer going off but this didn’t happen all that often. what was a common occurrence was however that i would hear music coming from the toilet. A few of my colleagues said it was the security guard’s radio being transmitted through the pipes but i find this explanation extremely unlikely, given that i was at least 20 stories above where the night guard would sit. i used to get freaked out but had no choice but to continue working. After a while, i kind of got used to it.

2. When i was young, i traveled to Taiwan. one of my mum’s friends ignored the warning not to point at a wax figurine (i dunno why there is such a taboo) and that very night, she heard the bell to her hotel room ring. when she went to the peep hole to see who it was, she saw the wax figurine standing outside her room!

3. Again when i was a child i traveled with my parents and their friends to genting and we stayed at a serviced apartment. Late at night, the men, who were watching soccer, heard people walking around outside the apartment and quite a lot of commotion. But later when we checked out, it turned out that our apartment was the only occupied apartment on that floor.

4. Once my friends and i were driving to wine & co at dempsey road. we turned in to the dempsey area and had to travel some distance before reaching wine and co. on the way there, we made a right turn, and i happened to look back and saw an Indian man lying right in the middle of the road. i told my friends who turned back and saw the man too. We debated whether to turn around and see whether he needs help but when we finally decided to, we looked back and he was gone.

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