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A Visit To Old Changi Hospital

My boyfriend’s friend told him this story and I’m just sharing it. Not sure how true it is. Anyway,this guy said he was out with his group of friends and their girlfriends celebrating someone’s birthday at Changi Chalet. They all drove there and bought beers,food and music. After about a few hours of partying at about 12:30am,the guys got bored and suggested going to Old Changi hospital “for fun”. (You know the deserted supposedly haunted place people rumor about.) The girls got afraid and tried persuading the guys to go home but seemed they were insistent on going.

So they drove to the place and upon reaching the gates of the deserted place,they parked their cars outside and looked at the place from the closed and rusted gates. What happened in the next 2 mins shocked THE HELL out of all of them. You see,Old Changi Hospital is a deserted building and no one guards the place. They all stood there peering in at the tall white dirty block when suddenly an old man rushed in front of them,grabbed the gate & said : “Don’t disturb us,young people!!” Upon saying the word “us”,the old man pointed towards the building and they all saw “white figures” looking down at them angrily!! They ran like mad and left their cars there to the nearest bright place.

Lately,i asked my boyfriend what happened to them and he said 2 of the guys went mad,had to be sent to asylum. The rest all became very withdrawn after the incident.1 of the girls even committed suicide because she couldn’t forget what she saw.

To me,i felt they were only trying to act “hero”. They should have expected the outcome in the first place. I always feel its better not to try fooling around with unknown stuff. You never know what might happen.

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