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The Maco Light

A man named Joe Baldwin was working on the railroad tracks one night along the Wilmington and Manchester railroad on a rainy and foggy night. As a train approached he realized the car was detached and he knew there was another train coming so he ran to the platform. He waved his lantern to signal the train. The engineer never saw Baldwin and he was decapitated in the collision. Some say the head was never found.

A while later, there were reports of a mysterious light being seen on foggy nights and hearing boots squeak along the track where Baldwin was killed. it has even interfered with trains coming in from other stations. Some say it’s just the swamp fog nearby mixing with light from the highway, but others have a different story. Is Joe Baldwin really looking for his head? I don’t know, but are you brave enough to go find out?

Parker from Whiteville, North Carolina

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