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My Strange Lost Key

There was a day when i was going for my night class at around 6pm in the evening. There’s only 2 person living in my house. My mum and i. Okay so when i left the house she wasn’t back from work yet. I opened the door with my keys then went out.. when i was outside i still saw my bunch of keys inside my bag.

At around 11pm when i reached home. I couldn’t find my keys i *** i had lost them and called my mum to open the door for me. She was still nagging when she saw me saying that why i lose my keys she have to change new lock again blah blah.

When i go into the house, my mum walked to our shoe rack. The place where she usually place my keys at because i love to throw my keys around. She took up my bunch of keys and said, “Your keys are here.. How do you go out??” I was really shocked. I said i opened the door myself and went out myself? Then she kept quiet and walked away….

Then my friends said, could it be i hang the bunch of keys on the door and forgotten about it when i was going out? It can’t be, because if i hang it there my mum will definitely call me immediately and scolded me already but instead her reaction was as shocking as mine.

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